If You Have Children You Need To Watch This!

After 20 years of working in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit I have seen my share of pediatric trauma accidents and fatalities. Sadly, most of it could have been prevented and avoided completely. As parents, we have to slow down and pay attention to the harmful dangers that lurk all around our children. Taking just a few extra minutes to ensure proper car seat installation as well we proper fit is essential to the safety of your children. 

Often forgotten are the kids who outgrow car seats. In reality they truly do not outgrow a safety seat of some sort and should be properly restrained in a booster seat until they are between 12-14 years of age, or the proper height to safely fit in a safety belt. This video by @carsafetynow displays a very real and accurate description of what may happen to your child when improperly restrained. Please watch and share with your friends. If you a story I would love to hear from you.